Hernando Republicans
To mobilize, empower and educate the citizens of Hernando County.

About Hernando Republicans

The Hernando County Republican Party is dedicated to defeating the big government agenda that is hurting our small businesses and the lives of those in the middle class. We stand, and work for, the success and opportunity of every American regardless or race, color, or gender. But, we cannot do it alone.

Come join us as we fight to build this county, state and nation for future generations. 

Our headquarters is located at 19227 Cortez Blvd in Brooksville. The phone number is 352-796-4741. 


Blaise Ingoglia

Chairman, Hernando County Republican Party


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I think the first thing that should be done ASAP is to make voter ID mandatory, or we will lose once again to a democrat. For democrats to insist that this would be racist, is an insult to our intelligence and should not be tolerated. We all know that everyone, no matter how poor, has to use some form of ID in some facet of their life - i.e. getting food stamps, welfare checks, cashing welfare checks - so to say that would keep people from voting is ludicrous, and we must not give up on this, starting NOW, so if need be, it goes as high up as the Supreme Court. If they are voting by mail, they need to enclose with their ballot a copy of their valid ID, with their address corresponding what is on file under their voter registration.
Also, I hear O’Reilly and others say that Obama is mulling around another executive order to make voting mandatory, and how that would never fly. Well, they need to think twice about how he did Obamacare, the DREAM act, releasing Guantanamo prisoners (and not yet saying what happened to Bergdahl) so if they think he won’t do this on voter registration through executive action (which of course can be thrown out by the next president, too late) than, again, we will lose the White House.
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I would like to share my up-and-coming conservative website:http://www.mainstreamnewsdecoded.com/politics
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I would like to see a list of candidates, judges, and amendments that the Hernando County Republican Party endorses especially in the non-partisan races and retaining of judges. It is hard to find enough information on judges to make an informed decision. Thank you.
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A suggestion: I have neighbors who are unaware of our party’s slate of candidates. I propose that a list be posted, along with a short bio of each, on both this site as well as the Facebook page.
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I have neighbors who are unsure of who the county Republican slate is composed of. I suggest that our list of candidates and a short bio, be listed on this site as well as Facebook.
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I would strongly suggest that we vote for candidates who have READ our constitution and understand what it means. We are a republic not an oligarchy as some in Washington think. Vote in common sense, conservative men and women who will also respect our Judaeo- Christian heritage. If anyone needs a refresher course on constitution 101 go to Heritage.com. The lesson sequence is free.
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Just to let you know that a newsletter has been created for Pasco County at www.pascocrier.com and it contains county, area, state and national issues of concern to local citizens
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Hello, I am a Hernando county resident and fellow republican. I am finding it difficult to research the positions of the candidates on my ballot. This would be a good place for a list of key differences between the candidates running against each other. Hopefully, this is added to the site before our ballots are due. Thanks in advance.
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we have got to get our great America turned around back to what is right. send all demo’s home especially harry reid and nancy Pelosi.
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